Freshness Ideas !

Sandwich panini grillé aux légumes et Pesto Rosso Marvini

Grilled Panini Sandwich with Vegetables and Marvini Pesto Rosso

Summer in Tuscany, a beautiful experience materialized through this delicious fresh sandwich, combining Mediterranean freshness and Italian tradition.

Flétan au pesto Provenzale et noisettes au beurre

Halibut with Pesto Provenzale and Hazelnuts

The flavors of Provence applied to a succulent roast fish. A true moment of happiness for your senses!

Salade de bette-à-cardes verte au prociutto et amandes grillées

Green swisschard, prosciutto and grilled almonds salad

This recipe combines wonderfully originality, freshness and Italian flavors. A Mediterranean delight to everyone!

Salade ananas et Basilic

Pineapple and
Tropical Basil salad

An escape to the tropics with freshness. A tasty blend of pineapple and our tropical basil for an unforgettable dining experience.

Brochettes de Crevettes grillées à l’ aigre-douce

Sweet and Sour Shrimp with Honey and Basil

The festive atmosphere of the grill with a hint of oriental perfume.

Moules marinières, style Marvini

Mussels Marinière
Marvini Style

This recipe, with no doubt, will be pleasant for everyone. A beautiful maritime experience to be enjoyed with all the family.

Salade de Kale aux fruits du verger

Kale and orchard fruits salad

A delicious salad that matches perfectly with the fall season, very refreshing with crunchy fruits...

Salade de tomates et Perles de Bocconcini et sa vinaigrette

Tomato Salad with boccocini perle and Dressing

This recipe is the perfect combination between the ideal depth of our basil and the wonderful taste of tomato.

Pizza au fromage de chèvre et pleurotes

Pizza with Goat Cheese and Oyster Mushrooms

In bite or meal, with this recipe you will experience many pleasant times. Enjoy it on any occasion for having fun!

Sauté de poulet Thaï

Thai Chicken Stir-Fry

Find through this recipe, the simplicity of the "Thaï" cuisine at home.

Gigot d’agneau printanier au citron et origan

Leg of Lamb with Lemon and Oregano

This recipe embodies the perfect union between the delicacy of lamb and frank aroma of oregano. A real treat!